Google Trusted Photographer

Google Business Photos

Finally I’m able to talk about the amazing new project I’m starting !!!!

After 4 months of training and exams I am now officially the “GOOGLE TRUSTED PHOTOGRAPHER” for Bury and the surrounding areas and am now able to start the “Google Business Photos” project.

After what what was an everyday phone-call I am now starting possibly the most exciting project in my photography career to date.

I can now bring “Google Street View” into your business !!

Let your clients wander into your business off the street and have a 360 degree virtual tour looking at everything your business has to offer. Let your customers browse around your shop/hotel/restaurant etc. and view what you have to offer including menus and wine lists etc. Let them get acquainted with their surroundings before they even set foot in your business.

Not only is you virtual tour on Google but you can use it on your own personal website.

See my new Google Business Photos website and more details and sample virtual tours at

If you want to know more please contact me for further details.